BSC Parcels Privacy and Security

BSC Parcels does not sell customers’ information to third parties.

We hold contact information relating to individuals only when agreed and such personal data is provided to the carriers for the movement of parcels and for invoicing purposes only, as provided to us by the sender. None of the data is used for any other purposes other than invoicing, proof of delivery and parcel tracking. Trading customers may also be kept informed of any updates, new services and other information relevant to their shipping requirements.

Cookies are used on the site solely for the purpose of enabling site functionality such as the members log in area. So called “third party” cookies are not used to pass information to other websites.

Parcels are carried under the relevant carriers’ terms and conditions.

BSC Parcel is the trading name of Booksellers Carriage Ltd. The above privacy and security policy applies to all entities of the company.